Certified Masking Program

Cambridge Sound Management (CSM) delivers game-changing, industry-leading, energy-efficient technology to mitigate the problems of speech privacy and acoustic comfort.

We are pleased to offer an accreditation program, providing you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to design, specify, install and support our innovative solutions to the problems of office privacy and acoustic distractions that affect productivity.

This industry leading Certified Masking Program consists of three on-demand instructional courses providing registrants with the opportunity to qualify for our Certified Masking Professional and Certified Masking Expert certifications.



Certified Masking Program
These 100% on-demand classes will allow participants to obtain the following certifications:

  • CMP – Certified Masking Professional
    (upon completion of classes CSM 101 and CSM 102)
  • CME – Certified Masking Expert
    (upon completion of CMP and class CSM 103)