CMP Course Descriptions

Certified Masking Program: Course Descriptions

CSM 101: Introduction to Sound Masking
This course outlines the principles of speech privacy (including introduction to the Speech Privacy calculator), the basics of sound masking solutions and Cambridge Sound Management’s patented direct field solutions. Participants will learn how to identify opportunities for sound masking, how to conduct a site survey for a sound masking system and make a coverage/solution recommendation. Attendees will gain an understanding of the fundamental system requirements to quote an effective sound masking solution.

CSM 102: Qt Quiet Technology™ Products and System Configuration
This course will cover CSM’s product positioning and how to design and/or specify a Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system. Learn the necessary skills for system layout using Cambridge Sound Management’s step-by-step layout guidelines. Learn which control modules fit the application, how to handle wiring challenges and become familiar with the various mounting options available. Learn how to integrate auxiliary audio components such as paging and background music.

CSM 103: Installation Review and Commissioning
This course provides the necessary understanding for system installation and commissioning, including control module installation, emitter installation, wiring standards and challenges, and system testing and troubleshooting. Learn how to setup the control module including how to customize for new space vs. old space, and how to configure fault detection reporting. Attendees will learn how to conduct end-user training on managing the newly installed sound masking system.