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Sound Masking in Event Spaces and Venues

Venues and event facilities feature spaces with unique acoustic challenges to providing comfort, productivity, and speech privacy for guests and workers. Venues such as airport lounges require a specific level of peace and quiet for users, as well as speech privacy. Whereas venues such as houses of worship and religious facilities require acoustic principles that allow guests to hear speakers from across the room, while simultaneously requiring additional areas to be protected so that certain private matters can be discussed without others overhearing. A sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management in event spaces & venues improves the acoustic environment, helping guests feel more comfortable in the environment both as a privacy matter as well as a peacefulness matter.

Sound Masking in event spaces and venues accomplishes both privacy peacefulness by adding a low level unobtrusive background sound specifically engineered to protect confidentiality, reduce the intelligibility of speech and make environments more comfortable.

Case Study: Event Source

“With sound masking, I am no longer distracted by conversations that aren’t intended for me – they just fade into the background. This allows me to be much more productive at work.”

– Arthur Boilanger Help Desk Specialist Event Source

Industry Challenges

Sound Masking in Event Spaces & Venues

  • Modern corporate offices use fewer sound absorbing materials (rugs, material partitions, etc.) in favor of reflective surfaces like metal, aluminum, glass and gypsum, contributing to unwanted noise reflections and buildup.
  • Companies increasingly leverage new office and sales floor layouts to encourage information sharing and improve customer experience while neglecting the acoustic environment.

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  • Demountable walls and moveable walls needed for space flexibility are installed to the ceiling, not to the deck, decreasing acoustic effectiveness. 
  • Lack of acoustic blocking and absorption materials allows sound to travel freely.


Cambridge Sound Management sound masking systems

  • Cover sound that “spills” between private offices through the plenum.
  • Help cover sounds from adjacent conference rooms and meeting spaces.
  • Mask conversations in adjoining hallways from distracting conference room meetings.


  • Lack of acoustic blocking and absorption materials inhibits parishioners from having confidential conversations with spiritual leaders.


Cambridge Sound Management sound masking systems

  • Improve parishioner comfort by covering unwanted noise in treatment rooms.
  • Increase parishioner privacy by reducing the intelligibility of speech in waiting rooms or lobbies. 
  • Help parishioner feel relaxed, improving their experience.

An Effective and Budget Friendly Solution

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