Cambridge Sound Management is committed to being socially responsible environmental stewards. We do this by focusing on several different key components when it comes to product design, the use of our products as well as forging partnerships with suppliers and other corporations who hold the same sustainability based values that we believe in.

  • Product design
    • Environmentally conscious materials
    • Recyclability
    • Sustainability
    • Redesigned packaging
  • The use of our products
    • Low energy consumption
    • GreenSpec
    • LEED Certification
  • Partnering with other socially responsible suppliers
    • Partner environmental practices

Click below to download our pdf to learn more about our GreenSpec listed products, as well as how you can earn a Platinum Status LEED score with QtPro™ Sound Masking systems and our sustainable LEED certified products.

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Product Design

Environmentally Conscious Materials

CSM is committed to designing the highest quality components that are composed of environmentally conscious materials. All of our professional sound masking products are RoHS, WEEE, and REACH compliant. Additionally, the raw materials used in our manufacturing processes do not contain any of the conflict materials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo outlined in the Dodd-Frank Act. You can download our compliance statement below.



We design our products to be highly recyclable. Our metal controller enclosures are constructed out of highly recyclable aluminum. Our plastic control module enclosures and Qt® Emitters are injection molded using engineering grade polycarbonate (PC)/ABS. Recycled PC/ABS is used in a variety of consumer and industrial products. Additionally, all of our components are assembled by either snapping or screwing them together. The absence of glue means that our components are easily disassembled for recycling. Finally, our hardware and screws are constructed out of steel, making them easy to recycle.

Redesigned packaging

In 2013, we have begun an initiative to redesign our product and fulfillment packaging to reduce waste.

Product Use

Low energy consumption

Qt® Quiet Technology sound masking systems provide coverage to 180,000 square feet (16,723 m2) of space while consuming a mere 40 watts of power, the equivalent to an exit sign. This makes our Qt® system the most energy efficient sound masking system available today.


The GreenSpec directory lists product descriptions for over 2,000 environmentally preferable products. Companies listed in the GreenSpec directory do not pay for their listing, nor are advertisements allowed in the online or print directories.

GreenSpec approved products must meet certain environmental standards, and are thus desirable to builders of green buildings. The Qt® Quiet Technology sound masking system fits into the following GreenSpec categories:

  • Noise control
  • Reduced material use
  • Exceptional durability/low maintenance requirements
  • Energy conservation
  • Improved light quality, thermal comfort, thermal efficiency & controllability
LEED Certification

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend about 90% of their day indoors, where the air quality can be significantly worse than outside. The Indoor Environmental Quality category promotes strategies that improve indoor air as well as those that provide access to natural daylight, outdoor views and, in the next revision, improve acoustics.

Qt® Quiet Technology sound masking systems can help mitigate the noise problems that arise from achieving other points associated with the Indoor Environmental Quality subcategory. To achieve the points relating to increased day lighting and outdoor views for a larger percentage of workstations, offices need to feature low partitions between work stations, large windows and a more open floor plan. Inevitably, the increase in reflective surfaces (large windows) and the decrease in blocking materials (partitions) lead to a decline in the acoustic quality of the workspace, impairing privacy and reducing productivity. Qt® sound masking systems counteract these acoustical challenges allowing for businesses to improve their LEED score, while maintaining the most optimal acoustic environment.

Supplier Responsibility

Partner Environmental Practices

CSM continues to increase our relationships with environmentally conscious suppliers. We strive to partner with suppliers who subscribe to sustainable manufacturing practices. These practices apply to material acquisition, handling, fabrication and assembly as well as the operation of their facilities. For example, our metal stamping and fabrication partner has recently converted all of its internal lighting to low voltage LED to further reduce its energy consumption by nearly 12%.