Sound Masking, Paging & Music

Offices are full of noises: people talking, printers printing, and fingers typing. All of these noises can be distracting for you, your coworkers, and your customers or clients.

Music can have a positive effect on people’s disposition and give you a chance to set the right mood.

Paging is a powerful tool to allow you to literally talk over the noise if you need to send an important announcement.

Sound masking is low level background noise that masks human speech, so people can focus and be more productive.

Together, these acoustical solutions help make your office a more pleasant and productive place for you and your coworkers to work, and a more inviting place for your clients or potential clients to visit.

Music playback systems, paging systems, and sound masking systems are often separated, which is expensive and inefficient.  These fragmented systems are expensive and inefficient because you are duplicating wiring, devices, and power expenditures.


Introducing the Qt® Active Emitter: Your all-in-one paging, music, and sound masking solution

Volume and frequency range used to be limited in sound masking systems that combined with paging and music. Our powerful sound masking emitter, the Qt Active Emitter, is powerful and versatile. It plays music and pages up to 74 dB. The Qt Active Emitter can complement HVAC and other low frequency noise with a sound masking range down to 125 Hz all the way to 10,000 Hz for high frequency noise. You can listen to deep, rich sounds in the music with low-frequency music playback down to 115 Hz. The Qt Active Emitter is a complete audio experience that will not only help you work better, but feel better.





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