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Hershey’s is Sweet on Sound Masking

The Hershey's Company

Employees at The Hershey's Company will be working in a more comfortable acoustic environment thanks to a new QtPro™ sound masking system covering almost 150,000 square feet.

Multiple Qt600 control modules will power the direct-field sound masking system over three floors at their headquarters in Hersey, PA. With network access the entire system can be controlled from a PC or tablet, giving their facility managers complete control over the sound masking system. Now, if only we had that much control over our cravings for chocolate...

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How Sound Masking Makes the Modern Open Office Less of an Acoustic Nightmare

Sound Masking Webinar

Join us on tax day, April 15th at 11:00 AM EST for a Webinar addressing trends in the modern office and how sound masking can play a role in reducing noise distractions and improving speech privacy.

Common trends in modern offices include lower partition heights, less square footage per employee, thin walls, new collaboration-focused work spaces, and an increased usage of reflective surfaces in the interior design. These trends can be a nightmare on acoustics.

Robert Luckey, our east coast sales engineer will walk us through these trends, and how to wake up from this nightmare with the gentle sounds of evenly distributed direct-field sound masking.

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Curious About How Sound Masking Works? Want to Become a Sound Masking Expert?

Certified Masking

The best way to learn about sound masking and our QtPro systems is to become a Certified Masking Partner. Our free certification program is perfect for installers, architects, MEPs, consultants, facility manager, and business owners. The fully-automated online course can be taken at your leisure, and is broken into three levels – covering topics from sound masking 101 to advanced installation procedures. Plus once you complete all three levels we’ll mail you an impressive certification and a box of swag, what’s better than that?

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Todd BergerMeet Todd Berger: Field Sales Engineer for the Central Region.

Todd Berger CET, CTS-D, DMC-D joins the Cambridge Sound Management team with an extensive audio visual background. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topics of sound masking, audio visual system design and systems integration for the built environment.

As a Certified Masking Expert, and based on the number of letters after his name, Todd holds certificates by the National Institute of Certification for Engineering Technologies in Audio Systems, Certified Technical Specialist by Infocomm International as well as Certified Technical Specialist– Design by Infocomm International. He is a member of Syn Aud Con, as well as an Associate Member of the American Institute for Architects (AIA), a former member of the National Systems Contractor Association, and current Infocomm International Member.

Todd is located in Des Moines, Iowa and will be working closely with Mark Christensen & Amy McGovern to aide the Central Region Manufacturers Reps and Dealers.

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We Want Your Feedback

In our mission to continually innovate our product portfolio, we like to take a moment each month to collect feedback from you, our installers and end users. In this context, we encourage you to submit your response to this question of the month:

What is the most important feature or capability you would like to see added to the QtPro product line?

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MedEd Facilities April 1-2 Boston, MA
AVI-SPL Sales Meeting April 1-3 Welsley Chapel, FL
IFMA Facility Fusion April 16-17 Washington, DC
Ford AV: Innovate April 17-18 San Antonio, TX

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