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July 2016 Newsletter

Leading Property Management Firm Discovers the Key to Focus

Hobbs Brook Management is a commercial real estate and property management firm in the greater Boston area. As the Waltham based office grew to 35 people, noise distractions began to pose a problem. The walls to the private offices don’t go all of the way to the ceiling deck causing some conversations from neighboring offices, conference rooms, common areas, and meeting rooms to spill over into neighboring private offices. The noise made it difficult for those focused on individual tasks to concentrate.

Once our direct-field sound masking system was installed in their office the distraction issues faded away.

Hobbs Brook

Small and Powerful - Meet the New Qt Active Emitter

The new Qt® Active Emitter is a single-source Emitter capable of both sound masking and simultaneous clear reproduction of paging and music signals. It provides higher SPL and a broader frequency range in a small, powerful speaker that’s virtually invisible once deployed in finished or open structure ceilings.

PoolComm was a Splashing Success! Thanks for joining us.

This year's PoolComm was a huge hit and the thanks goes to you - our Dealers, Reps, and Customers who support us all year long. We're already looking forward to the next one!

Smile Big for Cambridge!

Dental office

As you know, dental offices rarely have walls between operatories and reception areas. Confidential conversations between dentists and patients can often be heard throughout the entire office. Not only are these conversations distracting for staff but they can be uncomfortable for patients. The Qt Patient Privacy System operates by adding an unobtrusive sound to your office that helps conceal conversations making it the perfect fit for dental offices.

Meet Ike, the new Eastern RSM

Ike, East RSM

Join us in welcoming Issac Danner! Ike, as he prefers to be called, joins us from ATEN Technology a manufacturer of KVM switches where he held the position of East Coast Sales Manager. Ike has been selling within the audio video arena for the past sixteen years and during this time has built strong relationships with many of the industry’s top A/V dealers, consultants, and distributors.

Upcoming Events Around the World:

Inter-Noise 2016 August 21-24 Hamburg, Germany
BICSI Fall 2016 Sept. 11-15 San Antonio, TX

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