Reduce Noise Distractions and Protect Speech Privacy

Create a more productive workplace with the #1 Sound Masking solution.

QtPro Sound Masking
  • High performance direct-field sound masking
  • Low-impact installation in any ceiling type
  • Trusted by over 15,000 companies
  • GreenSpec listed and enables LEED certification

Sound Masking can help improve your company's bottom line. Learn more with our ROI Calculator 

Keep Private Meetings Private

Introducing the Qt® Conference Room Edition

  • Designed to protect speech privacy in conference and board rooms
  • Sleek and modern design for contemporary conference rooms
  • Privacy signs inform occupants that their speech is protected

From Conference Room to Campus


QtPro™ can scale as your facility grows and solves acoustical problem in almost every industry.

Cost Effective

Create a comfortable acoustical environment without expensive construction or installing sound blocking material.


 60% of employees report being more productive at work when the office is quiet

Where is Sound Masking Used?



  • Open Office Space
  • Private Office Space
  • Conference Rooms

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  • Patient Rooms
  • Clinical Spaces
  • Pharmacies

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Financial Services

  • Retail Banks
  • Call Centers
  • Board Rooms

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  • Engineering Labs
  • Co-share Spaces
  • Huddle Rooms

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Gov. & Law

  • Secured Facilities
  • Courtrooms
  • Law Offices

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  • Guest Rooms
  • Lobby Areas
  • Spas

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  • Research Labs
  • Student Centers
  • Libraries

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  • Houses of Worship
  • Conference Centers
  • Airport Lounges

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Trusted by More Than 15,000 Companies
and Over 40% of the Fortune 100


Advantages of QtPro Sound Masking


  • Powered by direct-field Quiet Technology, developed by acousticians to reduce acoustic interference
  • Delivers uniform sound masking by projecting from not through the ceiling
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking material
  • Emitters can be installed in minutes and in any ceiling type
  • The only sound masking system than can be easily installed in existing space (retrofit)
  • GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking system available

 With 50 million office workers, even a 3% productivity loss costs American business more than $100B a year

Which QtPro is Right for You?

Learn about the QtPro System

Qt™ 100

1 Zone
120 Emitters (max)
12,000 ft2 of Coverage Area
1 Audio Input for Music and Paging
LCD Control Panel and Bluetooth Connection

Qt™ 300

3 Zones
360 Emitters (max)
36,000 ft2 of Coverage Area
2 Audio Inputs for Music and Paging
LCD Control Panel and Network Connection

Qt™ 600

6 Zones
720 Emitters (max)
72,000 ft2 of Coverage Area
2 Audio Inputs for Music and Paging
LCD Control Panel and Network Connection