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The Leader in Sound Masking

Reduce Noise Distractions | Protect Speech Privacy


Trusted by over 20,000 companies
and over half of the Fortune 100

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Voted #1 Sound Masking Provider by end users and integrators
Trusted by over 20,000 companies and over half of the Fortune 100
All-in-one sound masking, office page, and background music solutions
Worldwide network of certified installation partners

Sound Masking can help improve your company's bottom line. Learn more with our ROI Calculator 

Keep Private Conversations Private

Targeted Speech Protection Solutions

For Meeting Rooms

Qt® Conference Room Edition

  • Designed to protect speech privacy in conference and board rooms
  • Sleek and modern design for contemporary conference rooms
  • Privacy signs inform occupants that their speech is protected

For Medical Offices

Qt® Patient Privacy System

  • Built to protect speech privacy in waiting rooms and patient exam rooms
  • Ideal for hospitals, private practices, dental clinics, and pharmacies
  • Help achieve HIPAA compliance

From Conference Room to Campus


QtPro™ can scale as your facility grows and solves acoustical problem in almost every industry.

Cost Effective

Create a comfortable acoustical environment without expensive construction or installing sound blocking material.


 60% of employees report being more productive at work when the office is quiet

Where is Sound Masking Used?



  • Open Office Space
  • Private Office Space
  • Conference Rooms

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  • Patient Rooms
  • Clinical Spaces
  • Pharmacies

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Financial Services

  • Retail Banks
  • Call Centers
  • Board Rooms

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  • Engineering Labs
  • Co-share Spaces
  • Huddle Rooms

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Gov. & Law

  • Secured Facilities
  • Courtrooms
  • Law Offices

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  • Guest Rooms
  • Lobby Areas
  • Spas

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  • Research Labs
  • Student Centers
  • Libraries

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  • Houses of Worship
  • Conference Centers
  • Airport Lounges

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Advantages of Cambridge Sound Management


  • The world’s largest provider of sound masking solutions with the most extensive network of worldwide certified installers
  • The most effective sound masking systems available
  • Lowest impact installation and perfect for both new construction and retrofits
  • Completely scalable solutions suitable for any size space
  • Office paging, background music, and sound masking capabilities all from a single loudspeaker
  • Network capabilities for easy control, customization, and system integration
  • An affordable alternative to expensive construction projects or sound blocking materials
  • GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking systems available
  • Helps contribute to LEED Certifications
  • Deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet and trusted by over half of the Fortune 100

 With 50 million office workers, even a 3% productivity loss costs American business more than $100B a year