About Cambridge Sound Management

cambridge sound management

Cambridge Sound Management was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by an MIT PhD with a distinguished heritage in the field of acoustics, as a descendant of the highly regarded Bolt, Beranek and Newman’s acoustics consulting group that was founded in 1948. This group of distinguished acousticians received the American Institute of Architects Honor Award as recognition for having “…created an awareness of acoustical considerations in building design… and integrating solutions based on scientific principles with architectural and artistic concepts.” Developing proprietary technology based on research and development in acoustics, science, architecture, and facility design, Cambridge Sound Management launched its first commercial sound masking solution in 2001.

Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the developer of Qt® Quiet Technology sound masking systems. Cambridge Sound Management offers innovative, simple and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions. Qt Quiet Technology combines exceptional audio performance, low impact installation, and affordability. Qt systems consume less power than a 40 watt light bulb per 180,000 square feet (16,723 m2) is GreenSpec listed and can contribute to your LEED Certification.

Our patented QtPro solution, powered by direct field Quiet Technology is easy to install and delivers high quality uniform sound masking without complex commissioning. The QtPro solution consists of three inch emitters that can be mounted in any ceiling type and networked control modules with independent zones that can be managed from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Our approach results in better performance, more precise coverage and lower costs.

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