Sound Masking in Hotels

Hotels are a place for rest and relaxation. Loud lobbies and other noise distractions may disturb guests as they are trying to relax or sleep. You work hard to keep your hotel looking beautiful. Let us improve your hotel’s acoustics with our next generation QtPro™ Sound Masking system.  Increase speech privacy and reduce noise distractions, while maintaining your hotel’s aesthetically-pleasing environment.

Sound Masking in Hospitality

Acoustical Challenges in Hotels

  • Sound reflective materials such as glass, marble and hardwood floors
  • Open lobbies with high ceiling clearances that carry sound
  • Crowds of people that inevitably gets louder as people try and talk over one another
  • Close proximity of guest rooms
  • Hallway noises such as guests talking, vacuum cleaners, and other noises

How Sound Masking Works in Hotels

  • Sound masking emits a low level unobtrusive background noise that sounds like gentle air flow
  • Sound masking is focused on the covering those who do not want to hear noises or unwanted listeners
  • Sound masking is placed in the ceiling with emitters that are small enough to fit in your hand, and blend seamlessly into all ceiling types


Benefits of Sound Masking

  • Reduce noise distractions
    • Make it easier for reception to take calls even in a loud environment
    • Guests trying to conduct business can do so with less noise distractions
  • Protect Speech Privacy
    • Sound masking can be placed in lobbies so other guests cannot hear sensitive information being shared at the check-in lobby such as credit card information and personal contact information
    • Sound masking in guest rooms gives guests peace of mind that conversations in their rooms stay in their rooms
    • Guests are often on business, so increasing speech privacy is an added bonus
  • Improve Sleep of Guests
    • Placing sound masking in guest rooms will help reduce noise distractions from adjacent rooms and hallways and improve guests’ sleep




  • Noise and distractions from the adjoining rooms or hallways prevents guests from sleeping soundly.
  • Guests feel uncomfortable speaking freely for fear of being overheard or upsetting other hotel guests.


Qt® sound masking systems

  • Makes conversations more difficult to hear or comprehend, reducing guests’ fear of being overheard.
  • Helps guests sleep better by covering startling voices that may disturb their rest or relaxation.


  • Guests can feel stressed in a noisy environment.
  • If guests in the waiting room can hear conversations from the treatment rooms, they may worry about a lack of privacy during their treatment session.


Qt® sound masking systems

  • Improves guest comfort by covering unwanted noise in treatment rooms.
  • Increases guest privacy by reducing the intelligibility of speech in waiting rooms or lobbies. 
  • Helps guests feel relaxed, improving their experience.


  • In public spaces such as reception areas, speech privacy is virtually non-existent.
  • If guests can overhear other people’s discussions, they may feel uncomfortable sharing private information with guest services.
  • Risk of personal and financial information being overheard.
  • Guests can feel stressed in a noisy environment.


Qt® sound masking systems

  • Reduces the intelligibility of speech, increasing client privacy and comfort when speaking to guest services.
  • Increases speech privacy in areas where sound absorbing or blocking materials cannot be utilized.


  • To minimize construction costs, demountable walls are being installed which only extend up to the ceiling, not to the deck, allowing spillover of sound through the plenum into adjacent work areas.
  • Workers expect a level of speech privacy in collaborative spaces, such as conference rooms, that is rarely accomplished with the construction techniques being used.


Qt® sound masking systems

  • Covers sound that “spills” between adjacent work environments.
  • Mask conversations in adjoining hallways from being distracting to conference room meeting participants.
  • Mask conversations in conference rooms from being overheard in adjoining offices or hallways.

An Effective and Budget Friendly Solution

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