Networked Sound Masking System





Networked audio with addressable speakers is a popular approach to sound masking, paging and music distribution. While offering the utmost in flexibility and control, Dynasound networked systems consist of a few easy to specify components, use standard network hardware, are CobraNet ready and allow control of every speaker individually.

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Power over Ethernet


The industry’s first PoE (power over Ethernet) sound masking system sets the standard for control. Every speaker can be individually configured to receive one or more of eight network audio channels and the output of one or more of four sound masking generators. Privacy Manager software enables adjustments on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis.


networkviewDynasound’s networked sound masking system features three easy to specify components. The DS3008 processor connects external paging and music signals into the digital network. Each DS8000 is an eight channel receiver and amplifier containing four sound masking generators and full DSP processing ability. Speaker connections are made with standard two conductor audio cable. Other connections use standard network CAT-5 cable.
Note, the DS3008 network sound masking processor is only needed if you are integrating paging, music, or alternative sound masking signals.


Speaker Controllers

Dynasound’s DS8000 speaker controller is the industry’s first power over Ethernet sound masking controller. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and CAT5 cabling provide power and networked digital audio signals to the DS8000. Each DS8000 has eight speaker outputs designed to power Dynasound’s DS1356 or other network-capable speakers. Each DS8000 is capable of receiving 8 network audio channels. In addition, each DS8000 contains four independent sound masking generators each having full 1/3 octave EQ. Each speaker output has independent control and access to the eight audio network channels and the four internal sound masking generators. A DSP matrix mixer allows any combination of channels to be delivered to any speaker.


Network Hardware


The DS1356 speaker is designed to be installed above suspended ceilings or in open-structure facilities. Speakers are available in white or black. The speakers are connected to the outputs of the DS8000 using standard 18 AWG two conductor wire. Speakers are suspended using a single point suspension. These speakers are 8 ohm speakers and should not be used on 70 volt systems.





ds1398_angledThe DS1398 is designed for in-floor or above ceiling plenums as shallow as 1¾”. The dual-driver device offers a low profile, yet produces broad sound masking distribution. In addition to under floor or shallow plenum use, it is also a problem solver for large ceiling plenums where it is difficult to suspend a speaker from above. You can specify an optional mounting bridge for these applications.



Masking and Paging Processor

The DS3008 and DS3002 processors can be used can be used as the paging and music interface for the Networked system. The DS3008 provides 4 internal sound masking generators, 8 balanced line inputs and outputs, input EQ and compression, as well as a DSP matrix mixer. All of this in just one rack unit. The DS3002 has the same internal DSP but with 2 balanced line level inputs instead of 8.


Dynasound’s networked sound masking systems utilize industry standard PoE network switches. Contact our support team with any questions.