The DynasoundPro (formerly Dynasound) line of sound masking products, from Cambridge Sound Management, has a rich history of quality, performance, and functionality.  Whether in the plenum or underneath raised access floors, Dynasound sound masking products can be conveniently and discreetly installed.  One of the key advantages of the Dynasound line is the ability to address each speaker individual over a network.   This networked technology innovation is a key advantage of Dynasound products above other in-plenum competitors.  Learn more about Dynasound sound masking capabilities below.

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networkleftmarginNetworked Sound Masking Systems

Dynasound sound masking can be designed as a network structure. This means that each individual speaker can be customized to fit the unique acoustical requirements of the space. Cambridge Sound Management is the only sound masking manufacturer to offer truly networked individual speakers at a competitive price point.





soundmaskingsystem70 Volt Sound Masking Systems 

Dynasound sound masking can be centrally wired, so all the speakers in one zone are wired to the same audio signal. This sound masking arrangement is best when the acoustical conditions of the space is consistent throughout.





SCIF - Sound Masking - Cambridge Sound ManagementSound Masking for Eavesdropping Protection and SCIF Rooms

Dynasound sound masking can be specially designed to protect against eavesdropping. The eavesdropping protection design is great for sealing up sound leaking points such as windows, doors, HVAC ducts, and other vulnerable spots.  Corporate, government, and military customers have counted on Dynasound eavesdropping protection to secure their SCIF rooms and other highly sensitive spaces.



Dynasound Product Accessories

No two spaces are ever the same. Dynasound accessories help make sure your Dynasound sound masking system is perfectly equipped to provide speech privacy for any space.