Biamp Eavesdropping Protection Systems


Biamp eavesdropping protection systems are designed to prevent deliberate and intentional attempts to intercept private and confidential conversations. Since 1975 Biamp products have been leading innovation in the field of audio surveillance countermeasures. These solutions are regularly used to protect corporate intellectual property, mission-critical conversations, and national security.


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SCIF - Sound Masking - Cambridge Sound Management

Secure Rooms / SCIF

When viewed as a six-sided enclosure, the breech points of most rooms can be easily identified. Windows are vulnerable to laser listening devices, ductwork can easily channel sound to adjacent areas and doors form an obvious weak point. Sound transmission through utility penetrations, access floor cavities, and above suspended ceilings can create a lack of confidential privacy.

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DS2500 Series

The DS2500 is for 70 volt systems, while the DS2508 is for networked systems.


Door Masker

Door maskers provide protection from intentional eavesdroppers by applying low-level sound masking to the door, filling the gaps around the door with protective sound.

Download the DS2508 Spec Sheet




Window Masker

Dynasound window maskers provide protection from laser microphones or sensitive parabolic listening devices which can be aimed at windows from a great distance.

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DS2400 Series

The DS2400 is for 70 volt systems, while the DS2408 is for networked systems


HVAC/Duct Masker

Ductwork can easily channel conversations from one room to another or can be used to hide listening devices. Duct maskers fill the interior of the duct with protective sound masking.

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Download the DS2408 Spec Sheet







Wall Masker

Wall maskers protect wall surfaces from spike microphones or other listening devices. Often in commercial office space, there is no way to control who may have access to outer perimeter walls.

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Download the DS2408 Spec Sheet






Access Floor Masker

Reverberant spaces under raised access floors can channel sound from one office to another. Dynasound’s DS1390 is designed for under-floor use.

Download DS1390 Spec Sheet (for 70 volt systems)

Download the DS1398 Spec Sheet (for networked systems)






Portable Eavesdropping


Portable Eavesdropping Protection Pack

When a secure room is not available, confidential speech privacy is still attainable with Dynasound’s PEP pack. The DS2600 Portable Eavesdropping Protection Pack comes complete and ready to travel.

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DS2610 Portable eavesdropping protection exciter










DS2620 Portable eavesdropping protection interconnect cable