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Advantages of Cambridge Sound Management

  • Voted #1 sound masking provider by end users and integrators

  • The most effective systems available, providing the most uniform coverage

  • The most extensive network of worldwide certified installation partners

  • Completely scalable solutions suitable for any size space

  • All-in-one sound masking, office paging, and background music solutions

  • Lowest impact installation and perfect for both new construction and retrofits

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The Most Innovative Sound Masking Solutions

Cambridge Sound Management can meet any architectural or acoustical challenge with the industry’s most advanced and diverse product portfolio


The industry’s first direct field sound masking system provides superior uniformity and energy efficiency

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The only sound masking system that allows each speaker to be individually controlled remotely via software

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Our work environment is private and productive, thanks to sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management.”

Edward Klemm
VP National Helpline, Bank of America

We're very satisfied with our experience with Cambridge Sound Management.”

Allen Fletcher
Global Headquarters Operations
Team Manager, Aquent

We like it so much we've decided to roll it out at other Peach Tree locations and will be installing it in our corporate office.”

Greg Stone
CEO, Peach Tree Health
Video Testimonial: Amica Mutual Insurance
Video Testimonial: Hobbs Brook Management

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What is Sound Masking?

Sound Masking is a specifically tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech, reducing its intelligibility

By adding sound masking to a workplace, conversations are notably less intelligible or noticeable, and thus less distracting. The workplace becomes more comfortable, private, and productive.

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 With 50 million office workers, even a 3% productivity loss costs American business more than $100B a year

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