Sound Masking Deployment Options

Sound masking is emitted into the environment through loudspeakers installed in or above the ceiling. There are two ways to add sound masking into an environment – directly and indirectly.  See below for more information on each deployment option.

How to choose a deployment option?

The best sound masking systems for you depends on variety of factors including:

Ceiling Architecture

Ceiling Height

Office Layout

Music & Paging Needs

Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking experts can determine which system is the best to fit your workplace’s needs.
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Direct Field Sound Masking Technology

Cambridge Sound Management revolutionized the sound masking industry with the development of our direct field sound masking technology, QtPro. QtPro uniformly disperses a pre-tuned sound masking signal directly into the workspace. The result is a consistent and comfortable ambient sound through the space that doesn’t require extensive post install commissioning and tuning.

The Standard QtPro System Consists of Three Components

Emit sound masking into the environment
Powers and sends the audio signal to the emitters
Standard Category Cabling connects the Emitters to the Control Modules
Black cable

Simple Layout, Zoning, and Installation

The QtPro system is designed to meet the unique acoustic requirements of a space, whether large or small. Emitters are easily installed in a simple grid pattern, determined by ceiling height. During the layout and design phase, the space is divided into zones based on acoustic requirements of the space, allowing for different volume levels for each unique space.
Sound Masking Zoning
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Indirect Sound Masking Technology

Sound masking can also be emitted into an environment indirectly. In this method, loudspeaker are installed above the ceiling tiles , or under a raised access floor. The loudspeakers point upwards, towards the ceiling deck. The sound masking hits the ceiling deck and then reverberates back down through the drop ceiling, into the workplace below.

To be as consistent as a direct field sound masking system, it’s imperative that each loudspeaker be controllable on an individual basis to account for items in the ceiling plenum or differences in ceiling materials. The DynasoundPro Networked system is the only sound masking system that allows each loudspeaker to be individually controlled remotely via software.

The Basic Dynasound Networked System Includes


Distribute sound masking to the environment
ds1338 dynasound sound masking speaker

Loudspeaker Controllers

DS8000 allows for individual control up to 8 loudspeakers
ds8000 dynasound sound masking

POE Network Switch

Powers the loudspeaker controllers


Connect loudspeakers and controllers and controllers to POE switch
Dynasound Cable

Flexible Layout and Individually Controlled Speakers

The DynasoundPro Networked system is the only sound masking system that allows each speaker to be individually controlled remotely via software. Power is delivered through standard Ethernet cable to a small speaker controller (DS8000) installed in the ceiling. Each DS8000 has 8 speaker outputs. A music and paging interface can also be added to the system, allowing masking, paging, music, all to be controlled at the individual speaker level.​​
dynasound networked sound masking system
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