Boost Workplace Productivity
with Sound Masking

Noise distractions result in office workers being interrupted every 11 minutes¹, and it can take them up to 23 minutes to get back into the “flow” of what they were doing prior to the interruption.

Noise Distractions Cost Money

Researchers found that on average, employees wasted 21.5 minutes (4%) per day due to conversational distractions². Some studies found that this number can be as high as 86 minutes a day! Even using conservative estimates, this loss of productivity adds up to big monetary losses for companies.​
productivity chart

Sound Masking Helps Employees Concentrate and Be More Efficient


Minimum productivity gain³
Higher retention rates


Increase in ability to recall series of numbers⁴


Increase in ability to recall spoken words⁵
Sound Masking Has Made Many Workplaces More Productive


Amica Mutual Insurance Company has more than 40 branches across the country where incoming claims calls and outgoing sales calls are carried out. Amica prides itself on its award-winning customer service, so ensuring private calls and…
Wiser solutions case study

Wiser Solutions

Wiser Solutions is a software company that provides a retail analytics platform. After moving to the new office space in Boston’s downtown area, employees immediately noticed the speech distraction and privacy concerns…

denbury case study
Denbury Resources

When Denbury Resources started construction on a new office building in Plano Texas, they desired a space that literally exemplified their company’s open-door policy – an interior space with no doors to private offices….

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