Improve Workplace Acoustics
with Sound Masking

Provide more functional, productive, and acoustically comfortable working environments with sound masking solutions.

Why Should You Care About Office Acoustics?

Noise distractions are driving your employees crazy (that’s why so many of them are wearing headphones)
Constant speech interruptions are making your employees less productive and costing the business money
Sensitive data is being communicated and overheard in your work environment, and you are legally bound to protect it

Why Do You Need Sound Masking?

Sound masking is a critical component of acoustic design. When designing an optimal acoustic environment, a variety of elements should be considered to address noise control and speech privacy. Elements added either Absorb, Block, or Cover sound.
Block - B
Since materials that absorb and block sound are being de-emphasized in modern construction, it’s imperative that the “C” part of the architectural acoustics equation is considered. Sound masking can help spaces achieve a state of acoustical comfort.
Sound Masking Improves Workplace Acoustics Across Various Industries
Eagle Material 9

Eagle Materials

Eagle’s new headquarters would be much more open and inviting than their previous space, With fewer walls and partitions to block sound, and more glass to reflect sound, that acoustics and lack of speech privacy would be a concern…
Shure Case Study


In Shure’s new multi-functional open office, it was important that employees could focus on their tasks without overhearing other conversions throughout the space, to have private conference rooms meetings and private office space…
William's college

Williams College

While the aesthetics of this wonderful library are unique, library patrons and staff noticed that noise distractions permeated the space, making it difficult for students to concentrate and study. To help find a solution…

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