Protect Speech Privacy in the Workplace

Insufficient speech privacy is the number one complaint among office workers¹Sound masking systems generate a specially engineered frequency that makes speech unintelligible and improves workplace privacy.

Why Speech Privacy is Important?

Speech privacy is the inability of an unintentional listener to understand another person’s conversation. People with a lack of speech privacy are overhearing lots of conversations that they shouldn’t be, which interferes with their internal monologue and makes it difficult to concentrate.


The #1 Driver of Employee Dissatisfaction in Office Environments2


of Employees are Dissatisfied with Their Level of Speech Privacy2

Sound Masking Systems Protect Speech Privacy

Make Speech Less Intelligible

Sound masking is a low level, unobtrusive background sounds to help cover up speech noise and improve the overall office ambiance, making the environments more comfortable, private and free of excess noise distractions.

Reinforces Confidentiality

Lack of speech privacy can result in compliance and legal concerns. In fact, 53% of employees report having overheard confidential company information at their workplace³. Sound masking can help protect client information, confidential business plans, and sensitive patient information.

Sound Masking Protects Speech Privacy Across Many Industries


Protect patient privacy and meet HIPAA standards. Improve HCAHPS scores by making inpatient rooms feel more quiet at night.
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Protect client confidentiality while creating a comfortable and functional workplace.
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Reduce noise distractions and protect employee speech privacy.
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Ensure minimal disruptions at libraries, student centers, classrooms, and other study spaces.
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Protect sensitive conversations from being overheard in SCIFs and other meeting rooms.
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Safeguard clients against pretexting and identity theft. Reduce risk of negligent disclosure of client information
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2. Graph Source: Analysis of data from the Center for the Built Environment by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear, University of Sydney S
3. Source: National survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder from November 4 to December 2, 2014.