Sound Masking + Paging Systems

Speak with One Voice

As modern workspaces gain in popularity, your technology needs to keep pace. All too often, organizations adopt new set-ups without making the changes that best serve employees occupying these spaces. Integrating sound masking and paging is a major step toward ensuring communication that works the way you do. The ability to alert employees, obscure conversations, and communicate with specific paging microzones via a single solution isn’t just essential for maintaining an agile environment; it also streamlines operations by eliminating redundant systems

Sound Masking

In recent years, anxiety and dissatisfaction stemming from office noise have led to a steady decrease in productivity. By emitting a low-level background hum, sound masking adds an aural layer that both conceals and soothes. By incorporating direct field sound masking technology, The QtPro and DynaSound product lines deliver unparalleled consistency and comfort, allowing workers to focus on the task at hand (and nothing else).

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Vocia systems

A highly reliable and scalable platform, Vocia is the perfect solution for managing all your paging and BGM needs. The ability to page in real-time, play pre-recorded messages, and broadcast to specific paging microzones are just some of the hugely beneficial features Vocia has to offer.

Better Together

Both QtPro and Dynasound seamlessly integrate with the Vocia product line to create an all-in-one system, resulting in a space that’s pleasant, productive, and inviting. Our Qt Active Emitter is the perfect loudspeaker for employing this powerful solution, ensuring that whether you’re employing sound masking, paging, or BGM, the message comes through as intended.

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Biamp announces the world’s first direct-field and indirect sound masking solution, the new Cambridge Qt X Series! Read the Press Release