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Protect Patient and Staff Privacy
Increase Patient Satisfaction and Comfort


Help achieve HIPAA compliance with speech privacy protection


Increase HCAHPS scores by creating a quieter and more comfortable environment

Improve Patient Satisfaction by Reducing Noise Distractions

Boost HCAHPS Scores with Sound Masking

By promoting patient rest and relaxation. Sound masking has been shown to have a measurable positive impact on responses to the HCAHPS survey question.

Studies show that patients in rooms with sound masking find that it helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and prevents unwanted noises from disrupting their sleep.

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Patients who reported that the area around their room was always quiet at night. Patients who reported that the area around their room was usually quiet at night. Patients who reported that the area around their room was never quiet at night.
Hospital 1 56% 28% 16%
Hospital 2 47% 34% 19%
Hospital 3 52% 32% 16%
State Average 52% 33% 15%
National Average 60% 30% 10%
Survey results are publicly available at:
(Sample based on 3 randomly selected hospitals in the Boston metropolitan area)

Protect Patient and Staff Privacy with Sound Masking

HIPAA Compliance

Sound Masking for HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates how a healthcare provider implements safeguards to protect patient privacy. If patients can overhear other people’s discussions, they feel they might also be heard by others. As a result, patients may feel that they cannot fully discuss their issues and questions with other healthcare professionals.

Get a sound masking system to help reduce the risk of HIPAA violations.

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Where is Sound Masking Used?

Dental Offices

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is a specifically tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech, reducing its intelligibility.

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Sound Masking System - Sample System Layout

System Layout

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We installed the QtPro sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management in an inpatient area, along with other noise-reducing measures. We’ve experienced positive results from the measures taken.
UVM Medical Center Wes Pooler
Director of Facilities Management,
University of Vermont Medical Center

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The QtPro sound masking system is the perfect example of how every detail of the hospital was carefully considered to promote patient healing and comfort.
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Tracy Clouser
Director of Marketing,
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

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Patients and staff experience the positive ambiance we wanted to achieve through our open design concept and we gained a greater level of patient satisfaction.
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Allison Brisson
Plant Operations Manager,
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

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QtPro sound masking helps Peach Tree Health protect patient speech privacy, particularly in our exam rooms and reception areas. We like it so much we’ve decided to roll it out at other Peach Tree locations and will be installing it in our corporate office.
PeachTree Health Greg Stone
Chief Executive Officer,
Peach Tree Health

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Approximately four months after we installed the sound masking system, our hospital’s post-stay Press Ganey survey of 57 patients on the issue of ‘noise in and around the room’ showed a dramatic 33% increase in patient satisfaction.
Saint Thomas Health Ben Pethe
Director of Facilities Management,
Saint Thomas Hospital

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Since implementing QtPro, we notice the reduction in noise distractions and have a better overall sense of speech privacy, but the sound masking itself is barely noticeable. The call center is much more comfortable and productive now. The system itself is also very easy to use.
Bill Maikranz
Systems Director of Telecommunications and Call Centers,
Summa Health System

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