Case Studies

Tufts Health Plan

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Multi-story headquarters in Watertown, MA
The Tufts Health Plan headquarters is a multi-story building originally designed to house 1,000 employees. The facility was expanded to accommodate an additional 600 employees utilizing demountable wall construction.

More employees; increased privacy concerns
Several managers were moved from private offices into an open plan environment and were concerned about distracting conversations and privacy. New private offices were constructed with demountable walls, which resulted in less private discussions. In a separate area of the building, executives required privacy for their conference room.


Qt Quiet Technology™ – a better acoustic environment
Tufts performed a trial installation of a Qt Quiet Technology system in a number of problem areas. After a successful trial, Tufts expanded the Qt Quiet Technology system into the remaining open and private offices. Tufts continues to expand and reconfigure their system as their space requirements change.


As business evolves, so does Qt Quiet Technology
Tufts Health Plan has a comfortable, distraction free environment with privacy for all employees. The flexible Qt Quiet Technology system can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization.