70 Volt Sound Masking Systems





70 Volt sound masking systems have been a professional approach to commercial sound masking since the mid-1970s. Even with the development of networked sound masking systems, centralized systems are often still a good choice in some workplace environments. Centralized systems provide manual per-loudspeaker volume control, hard wired zones and cannot be reconfigured via software as with a networked system.




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70 volt sound masking systems are well suited to environments having uniform acoustical conditions and basic paging requirements. Loudspeakers are “daisy-chained” together into hard wired zones using standard two conductor audio cable. All loudspeakers in a given zone receive the same audio signal. Loudspeaker mounted volume controls provide adjustment on a local basis.


Sound Masking Generators/Mixers/Amplifiers for 70 Volt Systems


The DS1042 features a digital masking generator with adjustable volume and low pass filter for tuning. A 25 watt amplifier provides power for up to 25 loudspeakers, or approximately 6000 square feet.

Download the DS1042 Spec Sheet





The DS1092 features digital masking generator with adjustable low pass filter for tuning. The DS1092 incorporates a mixer to introduce paging and music signals into the system. A 40 watt amplifier provides power for up to 40 loudspeakers, or approximately 10,000 square feet.

Download the DS1092 Spec Sheet





The DS3008 masking/paging processor features four independent digital masking generators, eight balanced line level inputs and outputs.

Download the DS3008 Spec Sheet

The DS3002 has the same internal DSP as the DS3008 but with 2 balanced line level inputs and outputs instead of 8.

Download the DS3002 Spec Sheet



DSLG22 Amplifier The DynasoundPro DSLG22 sound masking amplifier is well suited for traditional 70 volt systems and smaller installations.



  • 200 W amplifier carrying 2 flexible output channels in a high power density 1 rack unit form factor saves rack space and system cost
  • Energy efficient with Energy Star* certification for supreme green credentials and exceptionally low lifetime running costs
  • Flexible IntelliDrive permits delivering the 2 x 100 W at constant voltage 70 V or low impedance (2, 4 and 8 Ohms) on any channel
  • Asymmetric channel loading allows mixing and matching loads with different impedances to maximize overall system efficiency and inventory utilization
  • High efficiency amplifier with low power consumption and minimized heat generation lowers demands on the installations’ mains distribution and cooling systems
  • IDEEA outputs stage based on proprietary, state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier technology for superior performance
  • Comprehensive fail safe circuit protection ensures continued operation even under reduced operating conditions
  • Auto-standby and auto-power-on reduces power consumption to below 1 W in non-operating cycles
  • Rail Sense Limiter (RSL) greatly reduces signal clipping and ensures simple configuration for constant voltage and low impedance loads
  • Built in 50 Hz high pass filter selectable per channel available on rear panel switch
  • Per-channel attenuation knob and signal LED on rear panel for simple commissioning
  • Efficient cooling with temperature-controlled fan with front to back airflow
  • Aluminum front panel with power and temperature LEDs and per-channel signal and limit LEDs
  • GPIO connector with power control and indication for further system integration
  • Balanced high-quality analog inputs and amplifier outputs on detachable screw terminals

Download DSLG22 Spec Sheet




DSRMP Attenuator

Zone level volume controls provide precise 1.5 dB changes in level.

Download DSRMP Spec Sheet



QC10 Wall Mount Attenuator

The QC10 is a UL Listed, single-gang, 20W, ten-step, continuous rotary, audio level attenuator with an OFF position. Brushed, stainless steel faceplate with embossed positions and a black knob with a white indicator mark.

Download the QC10 Spec Sheet







DS2022 Air Grill Cover

The DS2022 return-air grill attenuator is designed for quick and easy installation into ceiling return-air grills in 2×2 suspended ceiling grid systems. The DS2022 is used to acoustically treat open return-air grills for sound masking uniformity by attenuating the amount of sound that can pass directly through.

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Dynasound manufactures sound masking loudspeakers for every application including loudspeakers designed for use in open structure and above suspended ceilings, below raised access floors and in direct field applications, where appropriate.

DS1338 DS1390 DS1398
ds1338_neutral ds1398 dynasound sound masking
Download DS1338 Spec Sheet Download DS1390 Spec Sheet Download DS1398 Spec Sheet


D1375 DS1387
ds1375 ds1387 dynasoundpro sound masking
Download DS1375 Spec Sheet Download DS1387 Spec Sheet


DSSSB-4 Optional bridge mount for the DS1398 for use in ceiling plenums

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