5 Reasons You Need Sound Masking

By Jon Page 10.17.2017

How sound masking can benefit your office

1. Protect Your Customers

call center noiseEvery placed an order on the phone? Did you give out your credit card information? Did the phone operator read back your credit card number to you? If so, chances are one their coworkers could hear your credit card information being shared and one of their customers may also be able to hear. Think of how your customers would feel if they knew that others could hear their confidential payment information. Customer information is so important to customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation. Sound masking can help reduce the risk of data breaches by reducing the intelligibility of speech and reducing the risk of customer phone conversations being overheard.

2. Protect Yourself

What did you do this weekend? Do you want your customers to know? We often have casual conversations with coworkers thinking that our conversations will not leave the office. Well guess what, phones can pick up conversations. Just as your coworkers may pick up on your conversations with your customers, your customers can also pick up on the conversations you may have with your coworkers. Sound masking can reduce the risk of customers eavesdropping on your conversations by reducing the intelligibility of your speech.

3. Keep Private Meetings Private

confidential meeting

Sometimes meetings are meant to be private meetings, not a PSA. Perhaps there is a new product being launched, someone is being let go, or your company is acquiring a new company. Sound masking helps keep your private meetings private. It targets the unintended listener, making the speech of the speaker less intelligible. Put simply, sound masking reduces eavesdropping, whether intended or unintended.

4. Don’t Get Distracted

office conversation distractions

Whether we admit it or not, we all like to hear gossip. Even if it is harmless, it is still distracting. What Joe did over the weekend probably won’t help you hit your sales numbers this month. Think about how often you are distracted at work from conversations, and then how long it takes to get back to the exact spot of your mile-long spreadsheet.

5. Get Rid of That Awkward Silence

Ever been in a dead quiet room? Eerie, isn’t it? You can hear a door open, someone opening their drawer or the key strikes of a coworker 50 feet away. These little sounds shouldn’t be distracting you. By raising the space’s ambient noise level with a gentle, airflow-like sound, sound masking can help your workplace feel less like a mausoleum and more like a comfortable workspace.

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