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Over 30,000 companies trust Cambridge Sound Management sound masking to create more productive, secure, and comfortable offices, healthcare facilities, and other places of work. Specifically engineered to mask human speech, sound masking helps reduce noise distractions while protecting speech privacy.

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Benefits of Sound Masking


Employees can waste as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions. Sound masking helps reduce noise distractions.


Open floor plans are the new normal. Sound masking helps make the modern office more productive.


60% of office workers cite the lack of speech privacy is their main driver of dissatisfaction. Sound masking helps protect speech privacy in open spaces and private spaces.


Many offices are awkwardly quiet, or uncomfortably loud. Sound masking helps create the perfect acoustical environment to make workers comfortable.

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We installed QtPro in two of our branches years ago to cut down on overheard cross-talk, and also to prevent conversations in private offices from being heard in the open-office area. We’ve been so impressed with the results that QtPro is now installed every time we renovate or relocate a branch. It’s now in most of our locations.

Ron Rivet
Network Operations Section Manager, Amica Mutual Insurance Company