Cambridge Sound Management Featured in Fast Company

By Matt Nees 11.19.2014


On Monday, Fast Company posted an article on office noise distractions featuring an interview with one of our very own Justin Stout.


A sample:


We all know checking our email and social media feeds take a bite out of our daily productivity, but there’s another culprit that may be your be draining your mental resources: noise.

Recent survey data from Cambridge Sound Management revealed the impact of noise on productivity, which will likely come as no surprise to those of us working in open offices. The survey revealed nearly 30% of office workers are distracted by coworkers’ conversations. These distractions appear to impact men more than women, with one in three men saying they were distracted by noise at work, compared to one in four women.

Justin Stout, Cambridge Sound Management’s acoustical expert, says noise in general isn’t to blame when it comes to lost productivity. “When we talk about distractions what we’re primarily concerned with is intelligibility,” says Stout.


You can read the whole article here.

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