Case Studies

Chenega Corporation


Chenega subsiderary headquarters
Chenega Security and Protection Services (CSPS) is a subsidiary of Chenega Corporation. The CSPS headquarters in Ashland, VA is a 8,300 sq ft space with open and private office layouts.

Not so private, private offices
Employees in the open office area could hear several of Chenega’s managers speaking in their private offices. The employees outside of the private offices were having trouble concentrating — not to mention overhearing confidential information.


Qt Quiet Technology™ – a better acoustic environment
Cambridge Sound Management recommended a Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system configured for open and private areas.


A productive, private and comfortable office space
Chenega is pleased with the addition of sound masking to their environment. The system successfully masks the conversations in the private offices and subsequently reduces distractions in other areas of the office. The employees are happy there are no longer distractions and the resulting space is comfortable to work in. Chenega was so pleased with the results that they recommended Qt Quiet Technology to another subsidiary of Chenega — Chenega Technology Services (CTS) — with 30,000 square feet of similar office space. CTS subsequently installed Quiet Technology sound masking and is also very pleased.