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Hobbs Brook Management LLC


Reducing Distractions and Protecting Speech Privacy at a Commercial
Real Estate and Property Management Firm

Hobbs Brook Management LLC is a commercial real estate, property management, and development firm specializing in leasing, construction, and development of Class A office space in the greater Boston area as well as other properties in Rhode Island, Georgia, and Illinois. About 35 employees work in their Waltham Massachusetts headquarters working on leasing and construction projects, requiring a mix of individual and collaborative work and numerous huddle room meetings. As the office continued to grow, noise distractions in the 15,000 square foot office space began to pose a problem. The walls to the private offices don’t go all of the way to the ceiling deck causing some conversations from neighboring offices, conference rooms, common areas, and meeting rooms to spill over into neighboring private offices. The noise made it difficult for those focused on individual tasks to concentrate.

Assistant Real Estate Manager Santo Dettore began to look for a solution to the problem. Having a construction background, he was familiar with sound masking systems but was unsure if the solution was right for his office. Sound masking is the process of adding an unobtrusive background noise to an environment to cover up excess speech. Coincidentally, Cambridge Sound Management, the leading sound masking manufacturer, is a Hobbs Brook tenant and had recently installed sound masking at another office on the premises. After learning that this client was happy with the system, Dettore called Cambridge Sound Management, who connected him with local integrator Eric Morgani from Communications Link Services Corp (CLSC), who handled procurement and installation for the Hobbs Brook office.


Qt® 300 Sound Masking System

CLSC installed QtPro™ sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management throughout Hobbs Brook’s office space. Small, barely visible emitters (speakers) were placed in the drop ceiling throughout the open office and private office space. The emitters were connected by cables to an intuitive Qt 300 control module mounted in the server room. Automatic ramping was programmed into the system, allowing for the masking noise to be slightly louder at times when the office is at its busiest.


A More Pleasant Work Environment

When employees returned to the office after the sound masking was installed they were pleasantly surprised to hear the masking noise and a noticeable decrease in distractions. After a few days, the masking sound itself wasn’t noticed by the employees, but the benefits of reduced distractions continue to pay dividends for employee concentration, productivity, and well-being. Dettore liked the product so much he’s recommended it to Hobbs Brook’s parent company as well. “Since QtPro has been installed we’ve noticed the reduction in typical office noise distractions and our meetings are less disruptive to people who are trying to concentrate on individual work,” says Dettore. “We love the product and wonder how we ever worked without it.”

About Hobbs Brook Management LLC
Because the most valuable thing they develop is a relationship, Hobbs Brook Management focuses its efforts on satisfying the individual needs of customers that lease within their parks. A service-oriented provider of Class A business solutions to companies large and small, Hobbs Brook builds sustainably, maintains an on-site facilities management staff, and develops or renovates projects for energy efficiency, LEED certification, and the preservation of the local environment. With portfolios in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia and Illinois, Hobbs Brook offers competitive amenities, on-site catering and dining facilities, fitness centers, and a full-service conference center available to tenants and the public. Hobbs Brook enjoys a steady occupancy rate in the 90th percentile, and holds firm to the belief that tenants should feel secure, well-balanced and prevalent at work. For leasing options or additional information, please visit

About Cambridge Sound Management
Cambridge Sound Management, Inc., the world’s largest provider of sound masking solutions, manufactures QtPro and DynasoundPro sound masking systems to help organizations across multiple industries protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase workplace productivity. Cambridge Sound Management’s proprietary sound masking technology works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound at the frequencies of human speech. Cost-effective and easy to install, their sound masking, office paging, and background music systems are deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet of space throughout the world including commercial organizations, healthcare facilities, financial services, government agencies, and educational institutions. Cambridge Sound Management is a Biamp Systems company.

About Communications Link Service Corp.
Since 1985, Communications Link Service Corp. has delivered award-winning information and communications technology solutions for commercial, industrial, government and educational enterprises. The company’s comprehensive approach, experienced team and commitment to innovation and service makes it the communications integration company of choice for organizations throughout the Northeast. For more information about how CLSC’s advanced information and communications technology can drive your business forward, call them at 1 800-700-8483 or visit their website:

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