Case Studies

Social Security Administration


Social Security Field Offices
Cambridge Sound Management have retrofitted over 60 Social Security Administration (SSA) field offices in 18 states. These buildings feature waiting areas placed only about 15 feet away from consultation windows. The offices and consultation windows are locations where patrons discuss their Social Security and other personal financial information.

Not so private personal consultation
With the close proximity to the private offices and consultation windows, people sitting in the waiting area could clearly overhear sensitive conversations. The information discussed is highly sensitive and these Social Security Administration facilities have a legal obligation to enhance privacy levels under the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act and the Privacy Act of 1974.


Qt Quiet Technology™ – a better acoustic environment
Qt Quiet technology sound masking systems were installed in the various waiting areas and surrounding hallways to improve privacy.


A private and secure space for patrons
Patrons are more comfortable discussing sensitive information and the Social Security Administration field offices meeting their obligations to maintain privacy of patron data.