Case Studies

The Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church


Overheard Conversations Through Walls

The Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church represents about 600 churches throughout Middle Tennessee from Alabama to Kentucky. Their Nashville office, called the Tennessee Conference Center, houses numerous administrative departments that help the church achieve its mission, including the Conference Council on Connectional Ministries, the United Methodist Foundation, the Office of Administrative Services, and the Office of Leadership and Formation Development.

The office is composed primarily of a mix of private office and conference room space. Although most employees have a private office, the walls and open plenum drop ceilings weren’t doing much to prevent sound transmission from office to office, and from conference rooms to offices. The overheard speech noise was distracting employees who were trying to concentrate on individual tasks. Employees were also concerned that their meetings and conversations could easily be overheard causing speech privacy concerns.

Jim Allen, the Treasurer/Director for the conference, began to search for a solution. First efforts were directed toward material changes, with additional ceiling insulation and sound buffers, but these solutions were cost-prohibitive. That led to an online search for a technological solution to the problem. Searches for office white noise machines led him to sound masking solutions from Cambridge Sound Management. More sophisticated than white noise, Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking solutions emit a gentle, airflow-like sound into an environment through speakers installed in the ceiling. The sound is specifically engineered to cover up the sound of human speech, making it less intelligible and thus more private. After requesting a quote online, sound masking experts from Cambridge Sound Management connected Allen with Prodigy, one of their integration partners in the Nashville area. Prodigy provided Allen with a live demonstration of QtPro sound masking solution in their office. Impressed with the results, Allen moved forward with having sound masking installed in their office space.


Cambridge QtPro® Sound Masking from Biamp

Prodigy installed QtPro sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management, the world’s leading provider of sound masking solutions, throughout the office space. Small, barely visible Qt® Emitters (loudspeakers) were mounted in the office’s open acoustical tile ceiling as well as hallway drywall ceilings. The emitters were connected by cables to a Qt 300 control module residing in the server room, which provides easily adjustable levels to multiple zones.


Fewer Overheard Conversations

The Tennessee Conference Center is now more functional, productive, and acoustically comfortable, and employees are pleased with the office’s transformation. “Persons in private offices no longer complain to me of distracting conversations from adjoining spaces. That made me happy!” says Allen. “Also, I like that the masking level can be adjusted in different zones for different types of spaces (offices, hallways, and conference rooms). Sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management definitely made our office feel more comfortable and private.”


About The Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church
The Tennessee Conference is the regional resource for Connecting, Equipping, and Changing Lives! As part of the global United Methodist Church, we share in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Conference represents almost 600 churches in Middle Tennessee spanning from the northern to southern borders of the state, the Tennessee River to the west and Central/Eastern Time Zone-line to the east.

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