Direct Field Technology

Direct Field Technology - emitters uniformly disperse a pre-programmed, spectra-appropriate sound.Qt Quiet Technology™, our patented direct field technology, places the emitters (loudspeakers) in the ceiling to aim sound directly into the space. The emitters uniformly disperse a pre-programmed, spectra-appropriate sound through 4 sequenced channels that eliminate acoustic interference.









direct field technology - Emitters - octave bandsTypically installed in a 10’ x 10’ grid with 9’ ceilings, our Qt Emitters™ achieve 170 degrees of sound dispersion, putting sound only where it is needed. Additionally, our Qt™ systems deliver more energy in the octave bands that are related to speech (1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz) and less energy in the lower frequency bands (125Hz, 250Hz and 500Hz) that are less related to speech. This results in a more energy efficient system that successfully masks speech at lower volume levels.



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