Dynasound Networked Sound Masking Solution

  • Protect Speech Privacy

  • Reduce Noise Distractions

  • Improve Workplace Productivity

Dynasound Advantages

  • Dynasound sound masking products, from Cambridge Sound Management, can be conveniently and discreetly installed in the plenum or underneath raised access floor
  • As a truly networked solution, each individual speaker can be adjusted to provide total uniformity
  • More than 40 years of sound masking expertise and the #1 sound masking manufacturer
  • Dedicated customer support, field engineers, and commissioning/tuning services

SCIF and Eavesdroppping Protection

  • Dynasound eavesdropping protection systems are designed to prevent deliberate and intentional attempts to intercept private and confidential conversations.
  • Protect corporate intellectual property, mission critical conversations, and national security.
  • Sound masking for doors, windows, HVAC ducts, walls, and SCIFs.









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