Sound Masking in Libraries

Libraries are a place of reading, learning and studying. Sometimes students collaborate and can make noise, while others want to read quietly by themselves. Let us improve your library’s acoustics with a sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management.  Keep your staff, students and teachers focused, while allowing those who want to collaborate to talk freely.

Case Study: Williams College

“Our library was so acoustically lively, the students were shushing the librarians! Now, our space is as appealing functionally as it is visually.”
– David Pilachowski Director of Libraries Williams College

Williams College

Acoustical Challenges in Libraries

University library with large group of books on the shelf.

  • Sound reflective materials such as glass, brick and wood
  • High ceiling clearances that allow sound to carry
  • Mix of people that want to work in groups or read alone
  • Close proximity of book shelves, desks and tables

How Sound Masking Works in Libraries

  • Sound masking emits quiet peaceful background noise that sounds like gentle air flow
  • Sound masking is focused on covering distracting noises where people want peace and quiet
  • Sound masking is placed in the ceiling with emitters that are small and fit seamlessly into all ceiling types

Graduate school or continuing education: multi-ethnic group of adult students meeting and studying together in the library. Mixed ages, 20s to 70s.

Benefits of Sound Masking

  • Cater to different reading and studying styles
    • Sound masking allows for those who want to read and study in quiet to not be disturbed by those who want to collaborate and talk
  • Increase Speech Privacy
    • Professors sometimes meet with students in libraries, and may share information that is confidential such as grades




  • Noise distractions from other areas can carry far in a library
  • Students or library patrons may have a hard to concentrating with noise


Cambridge Sound Management sound masking systems

  • Help readers concentrate by covering conversations from far away that may disturb their reading


  • Sometimes students need to collaborate and go into rooms meant for groups
  • Conversations that happen in these rooms may carry far and disturb other people in the library


Cambridge Sound Management sound masking systems

  • Sound masking will help cover these conversations in the group room so they do not have to worry about distrurbing other people in the library

An Effective and Budget Friendly Solution

Read more to see how a Cambridge Sound Management sound masking system compares to other acoustic treatment options.

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