Is sound masking the next hot workplace technology?

By David Sholkovitz 8.21.2018

Sound masking technology is becoming a popular solution for tenants and building consultants to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy without impacting office aesthetics.  In fact, we just announced last week a long list of leading companies who have deployed our DynasoundPro sound masking solutions including Delta Airlines, Georgia Pacific, Toyota, Liberty Mutual, Mercedes-Benz, and PWC.

Sound masking technology helps protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase acoustical comfort in offices by making human speech less intelligible. The DynasoundPro product line includes networked technology for superior uniformity and in-ceiling, under floor, and anti-eavesdropping solutions, resulting in unequaled acoustical privacy and comfort for the modern facility.

What does the leading consultant say?

“As offices shift to open floor plan design, sound masking is becoming an increasingly important technology for consultants to specify,” says Michael Hosti, VP Technology for Telios, a leading building system consulting firm. “The team at Cambridge Sound Management has been extremely supportive in providing next generation sound masking solutions and technical design services to our clients.”

“Customers appreciate the granular level of sound masking control that our systems offer,” says Rob Claus, VP Worldwide Sales at Cambridge Sound Management. “The benefits are so impactful, that many of our large clients add our sound masking systems into their entire worldwide real estate portfolio.”

You can expect the open office trend will continue, and more and more companies will consider the acoustics of the space to help improve office comfort.   – David Sholkovitz

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