DynasoundPro Product Videos


The DS8000 is the industry’s first PoE sound masking system designed to use non-proprietary, industry standard network hardware.

DS3002 and DS3008

These processors are designed to provide sound masking, paging and music functions for centralized and networked sound masking systems.

DS1390 and DS1398

These are dual, horizontally opposed speakers which produce uniform sound dispersion and are ideally suited for reverberant under floor cavities and ceiling plenums.

DS1042 and DS1092

These sound masking generators are well suited for traditional 70 volt systems and smaller installations.

DS1356 and DS1338

These speakers are designed for quick and easy installation into open structure architecture and above suspended ceilings.

DS2400 and DS2500

The Dynasound DS2400 pipe, duct, and wall sound masker is used to protect pipes, ducts, and walls against human and electronic eavesdropping by filling them with full bandwidth sound masking. The Dynasound DS2500 series sound maskers are used to protect windows, walls and doors.