Manage Cambridge Sound Masking with SageVue

By Nathan Van Ness 9.25.2019

SageVue is Biamp’s enterprise AV device monitoring and management platform that provides a comprehensive overview of all network-connected Cambridge systems (plus Biamp’s Tesira and Devio products).

Engineered to be the best solution for managing Cambridge sound masking technology, SageVue is also easy to integrate with third-party network management systems via its RESTful API.

New 2.1 features include discovery, management, and monitoring of network-enabled Cambridge systems, and much more. SageVue makes managing your comprehensive Biamp network easier than ever.

The SageVue 2.1 release adds the following features:

  • Easily discover and add Cambridge devices to SageVue
  • View, acknowledge and dismiss faults
  • Read Cambridge device details, including zone level and mute status, network details and location information
  • Access a device’s internal management console

Cambridge sound masking solutions help organizations of all sizes protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase workplace productivity. The product family includes the QtPRO® direct-field sound masking system and DynasoundPRO® in-plenum sound masking solution.


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