Cambridge Sound Management Launches AIA Course on AEC Daily

By David Sholkovitz 3.26.2014

Cambridge Sound Management recently released its AIA accredited continuing education course, Speech Privacy and Sound Masking in Modern Architecture on the AEC Daily’s Online Learning Center.

AEC Daily is the largest provider of FREE online continuing education to construction professionals. Courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and credits are automatically submitted to AIA, USGBC and other organizations. Architects, engineers, interior designers and other construction professionals rely on AEC Daily to maintain their accreditation with ease.

Cambridge Sound Management’s Distance Learning program will enable architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and the like to not only learn about sound masking and acoustics, but also earn credits while doing so, from any location they choose. This presentation provides AIA and State credit, and qualifies for HSW.

Course Details:
Recent research has found that current work environments are fulfilling the needs for collaboration and communication, but are doing a poor job of providing an acoustical environment free from distractions and conducive for productivity and speech privacy. This presentation will cover:

  • Research on current satisfaction levels in workplace environments
  • Current design trends and associated acoustic issues
  • Fundamental acoustic principles
  • Sound masking technology and what it can and cannot do

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