Where Sounds Have No Barriers

By David Sholkovitz 3.05.2014

Cambridge Sound Management and sound masking technology gained national visibility over the weekend in the Job Market section of the New York Times.  Jack Heine, the Founder of Cambridge Sound Management and a thought-leader in acoustic technology helped contribute to a very interesting article by Phyllis Korkki about auditory distractions in the open-floor plan office environment.

 Where Sounds Have No Barriers – NEW YORK TIMES – MARCH 1, 2014 

“Some companies now install sound-masking equipment — which emits a continuous, nonirritating sound to help deal with noise concerns and protect confidential conversations. At first it may seem counterintuitive to add sound rather than subtract it, said Jack Heine, founder and chairman of Cambridge Sound Management in Massachusetts. But research shows that if you can’t understand what people are saying, you can more easily ignore it, he said. (The same principle holds when you overhear people speaking in a language you don’t understand.)

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