Protect Patient Privacy in Medical Offices

Introducing the Qt® Patient Privacy System - the first speech privacy system designed for waiting rooms, exam rooms, and pharmacies.

Speech Privacy Protection Patient Privacy System

Improve the Patient Experience

What is the Qt Patient Privacy System?

The Qt Patient Privacy System is a cost-effective sound masking solution to protect patient and staff conversations in all types of medical facilities.

How does it work?

Our direct-field sound masking technology adds a low-level background sound inside waiting rooms or patient exam rooms. The safe background sound is optimized to mask human speech, which makes it harder to overhear conversations at a distance.

Why do I need it?

In today's medical offices protecting patient privacy is critical, and is enforced via HIPAA privacy regulations. Acoustics and sound privacy are often overlooked in open-floor plan waiting areas, and in patient rooms - where sound can easily travel over walls and through glass.

Where is it used?

The Qt Patient Privacy System is perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Dental Offices
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Counseling Centers and
  • Community Health Centers

How is it installed?

The system can be installed in any ceiling type by a certified Cambridge Sound Management sound masking installer. Installation is straightforward and low-impact, and is usually completed in a few hours.

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Safeguard Private Conversations

Sound Masking makes patient and staff conversations unintelligible to unwanted listeners

Features of the Qt Patient Privacy System

Patient Privacy System

Barely Visible

The control module is the brain of the system. Installed behind your reception desk, under a counter, or in a service closet. The extremely small, yet amazingly effective, sound masking emitters blend into any ceiling type design.

Easy to Use

Your staff is busy, so we designed the system to be left on at all times, requiring no interaction with medical office staff. Or if you prefer, it can be turned on and off with the push of a button.

Sleek Modern Design

The Qt Patient Privacy System allows you to maintain the sleek, open look of your medical office without compromising patient speech privacy.

Confirmation of Speech Privacy

Two privacy signs act as confirmation to your patients and staff that their conversations are protected. Signs can be placed in the waiting rooms, hallways, or patient rooms.

Energy efficient and LEED friendly

The entire system is GreenSpec listed, consuming less than 7 watts of power. The system can help enable LEED v4 certification in the categories of acoustics and daylight harvesting.

Installation friendly

Privacy signs can be surface mounted, glass mounted, or mounted into a gang box, easily blending in with modern medical office décor.

SpeechPrivacy Protection

Next Generation Sound Masking Trusted by Leading Healthcare Facilities and over 15,000 Customers.

  • Kettering Medical Center
  • Adventist Health Systems
  • Partners Healthcare
  • Children's Medical Center Dallas
  • Emory Clinic
  • Hallmark Health Systems
  • Mercy Health Systems
  • St. Josephs Hospital Maine
  • Pacific Medical Center
  • Kimball Medical Center

"Our entire facility was intentionally designed to promote patient healing, comfort, and privacy. The system works exactly as designed, and the system is extremely easy to use and maintain."
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

"We installed QtPro in an inpatient area, along with other noise reducing measueres. We've experienced positive results from the measures taken."
University of Vermont Medical Center