How Retailers Are Protecting In-Store Privacy

By Jon Page 1.19.2018

Have you ever been to a pharmacy and shared private medical information?  Or perhaps the bank teller shares your checking account balance with you. What about sharing your date of birth or credit score as you are applying for a home loan? Today we fear credit card hackings and buying online, but what about public spaces where everyone can hear you? How do you know if your information is safe? Many retailers are starting to understand the speech privacy problem in their brick and mortar locations. Billions are spent on cyber security, but what is preventing someone from overhearing you as you share your most sensitive personal information?


Sound masking is an advanced acoustical technology to protect speech privacy. Specially tuned to the same frequency of human speech, sound masking is an airflow-like background sound that makes conversations fade into the background and more difficult to be overheard. Many retailers have used sound masking to protect speech privacy in their corporate offices, but now they are understanding the value it has for their customers in their brick and mortar locations. Trust is key for any business, and sound masking is the perfect solution for protecting that trust by protecting customer privacy.

Over 20,000 companies trust sound masking technology to protect private meetings and conversations in their corporate offices. That same acoustical security technology is available for retailers to protect their customers in brick and mortar locations.

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