The Letter to Write to Your Boss When Your Office Needs Sound Masking

By David Sholkovitz 7.22.2015

Fed up by office noise? Copy and paste this handy letter below and send it to your boss. We recommend deleting the parts in parenthesis first though…

Dear Mr. Vandelay, (good, great way to start a letter, Brad. Using the formal “Mr.” is really going to get his attention without seeming too brown-nosey)

You may or may not be aware that the section of the office commonly known as the ‘cube-farm,’ can have the tendency to get really loud during the day, especially towards the end of the month when every sales guy on the floor is on his phone (‘cube-farm’ – is that too pushy sounding? No, no, it’s the truth, and he knows exactly what I am talking about. Maybe I should reference the fact that it is right outside his office door, just in case he doesn’t know what I am talking about? No, he knows. How could he not know, right? I mean it is just so loud, it must be leaking into his precious office).

I have been doing some research (yes! The word research makes me sound SO smart. I love that. I think I may want to use it again somewhere in this letter…where to fit it in, where to fit it in…) and I have discovered that many offices also have similar designs to our chic layout and collaborative style, and are also experiencing a lack of employee focus caused by noise related distractions. My research (nice! There it is!) has also lead me to discover that many of these other companies have installed a technology to help restore speech privacy, reduce distractions and increase overall employee comfort and satisfaction. It’s called sound masking.

(Drum roll please for my expert opinion! I mean after all, I’m the one that did all this research!) Sound masking is a technology that has been around since the 1950’s but has been revolutionized by a specific company in Massachusetts over the past decade or so. The sound masking system they manufacture can install in our existing office space and emits an air-flow like sound that adds a buffer to the current background sound inherent to our open office space, as well as inside the private offices and conference rooms. The addition of this sound makes speech unintelligible, meaning we would no longer be able to understand exactly what the person a couple cubicles away from us was saying, making the speech less distracting.

This system is also very cost-effective and we can even use our current AV installers to simply and quickly install it in our existing office. Therefore, I was hoping you, or another member of the management team could look into requesting a quote or free demo (he’ll love the whole ‘free’ part!) for our office. Below are two links – one to the company I mentioned above, Cambridge Sound Management, and one directly to their schedule a free demonstration page.

Cambridge Sound Management homepage:
Schedule a free demo:

Thank you for your consideration,


(Nicely done, Brad! You are going to be the hero of the office!)



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