Reduce Office Noise with Sound Masking

Reduce Noise Distractions | Protect Speech Privacy | Improve Office Comfort

Create Acoustic Comfort and Privacy with Sound Masking

More advanced and efficient than white noise, sound masking is specifically engineered to cover up human speech, making your workplace less distracting, private, and more acoustically comfortable.

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How is Sound Masking Different Than White Noise?

Sound masking is often referred to as “white noise” but it is more comfortable and effective. As you can see on the chart on the right, the sounds are very different.

Sound masking is specifically engineered to match the frequencies of human speech and to sound comfortable to the human ear. When implemented properly, sound masking should just fade into the background “hum” of a workplace.

Conversely, the frequency of white noise would be extremely irritating if it were amplified to a volume that would be effective for masking human speech — think of loud AM radio static.

Customer Stories

“We’ve been so impressed with the results that Cambridge sound masking is now installed every time we renovate or relocate a branch. It’s now in most of our locations”

– Ron Rivet  Network Operations Section Manager, Amica Mutual Insurance Company