What is Sound Masking?


What Sound Masking Does

Sound masking is subtle background sound that will help make your workplace a more comfortable and private place to work. Although it simply sounds like airflow, it’s actually a scientifically engineered frequency designed to make speech noise less intelligible. You’ll notice that conversations you were once able to hear clearly from the other side of the office are now much harder to understand.


Sound masking has two main benefits…


» Reduced Noise Distractions and Increased Productivity: Your office will be a more comfortable place to work because you’ll hear fewer conversations that aren’t intended for you. This will make it easier for you to focus and concentrate.


» Better Speech Privacy: Because conversations are less intelligible, you can speak more freely knowing that your conversations aren’t being overheard by everyone in the office.



What Sound Masking Doesn’t Do

» Sound masking does not prevent face-to-face communication


» Sound masking is not detrimental to health in any way


» Sound masking does not interfere with hearing aids or cochlear implants