The Triple Play in Office Acoustics

By Jon Page 7.07.2016


Offices are full of noise from conference calls, office chatter, improvised hallway meetings, printers, and keyboards just to name a few.  These office noises can be distracting and uncomfortable for your employees, clients, and anyone else in your office.  Learn how you can improve office acoustics and reduce office noise by actually adding more noise to it.  It may sound counter intuitive, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.


Remember getting called to the principal’s office or hearing the sports games scores? Paging has gone a long way since then.  Rather than sounding like a distant intergalactic overlord, paging systems are now clearer and less unnerving.  Consider investing in a paging system that won’t make you feel like you’re getting called to the principal’s office.

Background Music

When was the last time you watched a movie or TV show without music? Unless you have Morgan Freeman’s voice gracing your office airwaves, office noise can be distracting and unwelcoming.  I’m not suggesting you turn your office into a KISS rock concert with giant subwoofers and booming surround sound stereo, but soft background music can put people at ease. This is especially important if you have clients or potential clients visiting your office frequently.  As most sales people know, selling is more emotional than people care to admit. Set the mood right with some background music.

Sound Masking

Background music is pleasant and can lighten the mood, but it cannot cover conversations. Sound masking is soft random background noise that’s tuned to the same frequency of human speech. Because sound masking is tuned to the same frequency of human speech, it is soft on the ears since we’re used to the frequency of human speech.  A sound masking system immerses itself throughout your whole office so it becomes part of your environment. Small white noise machines are at a higher frequency, making a higher pitch noise, and the sound is coming from one spot, which can be distracting.

The benefit of sound masking is two-fold.  First, sound masking improves focus and productivity by covering distracting conversations going on around you.  Second, sound masking gives you and other coworkers speech privacy without having to invest in expensive sound proof walls or tiling, or complete re-construction of your office. If you want to focus in the office or have a private meeting, then you want sound masking in your office.

The Triple Play

Paging, music playback, and sound masking systems are typically separate audio solutions.  With duplicative wiring, devices, and power expenditures, you end up wasting time and money having these different acoustic solutions installed separately. Paging, music playback, and sound masking are now all available in one acoustic solution, the Qt Active Emitter. Save on time and money as well as productivity and privacy. If you’re curious, read more about the Qt Active Emitter.

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