What’s QtPro and How Do I Buy It?

By Matt Nees 9.25.2014

When I am explaining my job, and thus sound masking, to friends and relatives, the general response is “I’d love that product for my office – there are so many noise distractions there!” They usually want to know what QtPro looks like and how they can buy it. Sounds like a blog post to me…

The Product:

Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment (it kind of sounds like HVAC noise) to reduce noise distractions. The masking noise covers up, or “masks” excess speech noise and makes it less distracting.

The QtPro modules and emitters.

The QtPro modules and emitters.

Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking product is the patented QtPro system. QtPro consists of three simple components

  1. emitters (i.e. speakers) that are installed in the ceiling
  2. A control module
  3. Cables that connect the emitters to control modules

The Qt Control Modules come in three different sizes depending on the size of the space they cover. So if you just had small space that only required a consistent masking volume across the entire space, a Qt100 would probably suffice. If you’re trying to cover a large space with multiple floors, and some areas required different masking levels than others, it would probably behoove you to have multiple Qt600s installed.

 OK cool, how do I buy QtPro?

The person making the decision to purchase sound masking might be different depending on how large your company is. If you’re in a large company it might be a VP of Facilities. At a small company the owner or president might make the decision. Most of the time, bringing up sound masking to your office manager or HR manager is a good place to start – they’ll either take it from there or let you know who at your company to talk to.

Once the right decision maker is informed, they should go to cambridgesound.com where they can request a quote or schedule a demo. We’ll then connect them with a certified masking professional that can provide an estimate of how much adding sound masking to the office would cost.

Certified masking professionals include service providers your company probably uses for other services – your company’s phone or telecom or audio/visual vendor for example. Once your company is ready to move forward, the masking professional buys the product from us and then installs it in your office.

That’s it! Now you know what QtPro is and how to get it.

Now go talk to your office manager!

 – Mark Hughes


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