Cambridge Sound Management Wins Facility Executive Award

By Jon Page 2.23.2016

Cambridge Sound Management wins the Facility Executive 2016 Readers’ Choice Award for sound masking

Cambridge Sound Management has been recognized by Facility Executive as the 2016 Readers’ Choice Award winner for sound masking.  Read the January/February 2016 issue of Facility Executive, where you will see Cambridge Sound Management on page 28.

Today’s modern facilities are built to be beautiful and open, boasting glass walls and fine wood floors. While these are pleasing to the eye, they are hard on the ear. Though unintentional, these materials strongly reflect sound and in turn, carry conversations further than employees may want or know. This is a critical issue in employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as business owners wanting to protect confidential information. Speech privacy is the number one facilities concern of employees.

So how can you maintain beautiful open facilities while creating speech privacy? The solution is sound masking. At Cambridge Sound Management, we are leaders in next generation sound masking.  Our QtPro™ Sound Masking system blends into the environment acoustically and aesthetically. Acoustically, the sound masking precisely matches and masks human speech, subtly creating speech privacy. Aesthetically, the system blends into the ceiling and walls and can be customized to match the color and architecture of your building.

Keep your beautifully designed facilities, but also keep your tenants and the revenue they bring to your bottom line.   Request a demo today with a Cambridge Sound Management sound masking expert or read more about our QtPro™ Sound Masking system.

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