Case Studies

Mountain View Baptist Church


Ensuring Speech Privacy in a House of Worship

Mountain View Baptist Church’s newly constructed church provided their parishioners an ideal space to meet and worship in an idyllic mountain setting in Layton Utah. However there was a problem in the back office area, used for church administration, reception, and counseling services. Church staff found that voices were overheard too easily there between offices and the reception area and that speech privacy was compromised. It was discovered that the office walls terminated slightly above the drop ceiling and did not continue to the ceiling deck – a common issue in modern construction. In a church counseling environment, ensuring parishioner speech privacy is paramount. Wayne Linder, Mountain View’s Chair of the Sound Technology and Media Committee, thought a sound masking system might provide the solution to the problem.

Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to cover up excess speech noise, making the affected environment more comfortable, private, and free of excess noise distractions. Linder looked for a system that allowed for uniform coverage, zone flexibility, paging and background functionality, and a low-impact installation. QtPro™ from industry-leader Cambridge Sound Management met all of the necessary requirements.


Qt® 300 Sound Masking System

Linder installed the QtPro™ sound masking system in Mountain View’s office area. Small, barely visible emitters (speakers) were installed seamlessly into the office’s drop ceiling. The emitters were connected by cables to an intuitive Qt® 300 control module residing in the HVAC room.


A More Private Office and Counseling Environment

QtPro cut down on crosstalk in the office and made conversations in private offices and counseling areas less audible and intelligible. Now pastors and parishioners can feel confident that their private conversations won’t be overheard by unintended listeners. “QtPro provided the speech privacy we were lacking and it’s unobtrusive enough that we don’t really notice it,” says Linder. “We’re pleased with the system.”

About Mountain View Baptist Church
 Mountain View Baptist Church believes that God’s call for them is to be a biblically-centered church that Loves God, Links Together, and Labors Well. The Church is located at 2585 East 3000 North (Highway 193) in Layton, Utah. Worship services are every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, and the church also meets for Bible study and worship on Wednesdays at 6PM. All are welcome.

About Cambridge Sound Management
Cambridge Sound Management, Inc., the world’s largest provider of sound masking solutions, manufactures QtPro and DynasoundPro sound masking systems to help organizations across multiple industries protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase workplace productivity. Cambridge Sound Management’s proprietary sound masking technology works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound at the frequencies of human speech. Cost-effective and easy to install, their sound masking, office paging, and background music systems are deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet of space throughout the world including commercial organizations, healthcare facilities, financial services, government agencies, and educational institutions. Cambridge Sound Management is a Biamp Systems company.