General Contractors

Sound Masking for General Contractors

Sound Masking for General Contractors emailAs a general contractor in today’s modern landscape, achieving high LEED scores in new and retrofitted projects is essential. QtPro™ Sound Masking Systems can help mitigate the noise problems that arise from achieving other points associated with the Indoor Environmental Quality subcategory.

QtPro sound masking systems counteract these acoustical challenges allowing for businesses to improve their LEED score, while maintaining the most optimal acoustic environment. QtPro sound masking systems are the most environmentally friendly sound masking system on the market. All QtPro systems are GreenSpec listed for their energy efficiency. QtPro Sound Masking helps general contractors improve speech privacy and lessen the level of distraction in an environment without adding further absorptive and blocking materials.

QtPro sound masking systems are the only direct field sound masking solution available on the market. This technology enables a much more uniform distribution of sound masking than any other system. QtPro uniformly disperses a pre-tuned sound masking signal directly into the workspace. The result is a consistent sound throughout the space that is easily achievable without the complex tuning required by indirect systems.

Learn more about QtPro sound masking systems by browsing the materials below. These materials are the most common materials requested by general contractors interested in adding a QtPro sound masking system to their projects.