House of Worship

Sound Masking in a House of Worship

A house of worship is often designed with reflective materials and architecture to reverberate sounds to enhance the music and voice those speaking. While this may improve the acoustics in some parts of the worship facility, these features could compromise speech privacy for worshipers having confidential conversations with their spiritual leaders at confessional, or in administrative areas or areas where counseling takes place.  Sound masking can help protect speech privacy and improve acoustical comfort in sensitive areas across the house of worship.


Lack of acoustic blocking and absorption materials inhibits parishioners from having confidential conversations with spiritual leaders.

Cambridge Sound Management sound masking systems

  • Improve parishioner comfort by covering unwanted noise in counseling or confessional areas.
  • Increase parishioner privacy by reducing the intelligibility of speech in waiting rooms or lobbies.
  • Help parishioner feel relaxed, improving their experience.

House of Worship: Mountain View Baptist Church

“QtPro provided the speech privacy we were lacking and it’s unobtrusive enough that we don’t really notice it. We’re pleased with the system.”

– Wayne Linder, Chair of the Sound Technology and Media Committee, Mountain View Baptist Church


Are you ready to add sound masking to your house of worship?

An Effective and Budget Friendly Solution

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