Fusion Sound Masking™ Technology

By Jon Page 6.14.2017

Cambridge Sound Management Breaks New Ground with Fusion Sound Masking™ Technology

The industry’s first PoE sound masking system will support both direct and indirect sound masking technologies, giving integrators more installation flexibility.


WALTHAM, Mass., June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cambridge Sound Management, the world’s largest provider of sound masking technology, announced today a new Fusion Sound Masking™ solution available this Fall that will enable customers to deploy both direct-field emitters and indirect loudspeakers on a DynasoundPro™ networked sound masking system simultaneously. This will solve an immediate problem for integrators when multiple loudspeaker types are needed for projects with varied ceiling architecture.

The DynasoundPro sound masking system is the only networked solution enabling customers to cost-effectively address individual loudspeakers. By leveraging the patented Qt® Active Emitter technology on a single PoE networked system, integrators and consultants will have a new tool to deliver high-performance, uniform sound masking regardless of ceiling and plenum design challenges.

Office paging and background music capabilities will also increase with individually addressable loudspeakers and customization options for direct or indirect configurations, depending on the client’s audio needs.

“We believe introducing the first fusion PoE sound masking solution breaks new ground in an industry often defined by two different technologies,” says Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “By focusing on solving a problem first, and then applying the right technology second, we are in a great position to help customers and integrators create a more comfortable and productive work environment regardless of architectural challenges.”

After acquiring Dynasound in August 2016, Cambridge Sound Management has quickly integrated sound masking technologies to help break new ground and focus on customer needs. “With both in-plenum systems, direct-field systems, and now this innovative fusion approach we are removing technical barriers.” Says Rob Claus the VP of Worldwide Sales. “We have a world-class distribution network of certified installers, and demand for speech privacy and noise reduction systems continues to grow as companies focus on new workplace layouts.”

Cambridge Sound Management also announced today two new innovative accessories, a new pendant mount for sound masking emitters in open ceilings, and a new drywall bracket to help to make installing emitters in drywall ceilings easier.

For more information visit cambridgesound.com call 800.219.8199.

About Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management, Inc., the world’s largest provider of sound masking solutions, manufactures QtPro and DynasoundPro sound masking systems to help organizations across multiple industries protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase workplace productivity. Cambridge Sound Management’s proprietary sound masking technology works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound at the frequencies of human speech. Cost effective and easy to install, their sound masking, office paging, and background music systems are deployed in hundreds of millions of square feet of space throughout the world including commercial organizations, healthcare facilities, financial services, government agencies, and educational institutions.


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