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  • The world’s best in-plenum sound masking solution
  • The only networked sound masking system
  • Over 40 years of sound masking experience
  • Innovators in audio surveillance countermeasures for SCIF and other secure facilities


DynasoundPro products have a rich history of quality, performance, and functionality.

Whether you need sound masking speakers to be hidden in the plenum or underneath raised access floors, Dynasound sound masking products can be conveniently and discreetly installed.

One of the key advantages of the Dynasound line is the ability to address each speaker individually over a network, allowing individual speakers to be tuned remotely. With pinpoint control DynasoundPro sound masking allows for uniform masking coverage in any space, and allows for pages and music to be sent on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis.

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The Industry’s Only Networked Sound Masking System – For Pinpoint Accuracy and Uniform Coverage



DynasoundPro network sound masking system 

The industry standard for pinpoint control.

Each speaker output in our network controllers has independent control and access to the eight audio network channels and the four internal sound masking generators – competitors can only do this at the controller level, we can do it at the speaker output level. Network control allows you to tune your DynasoundPro sound masking speakers for maximum uniformity, and send pages and music on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis. For your convenience, it also allows you to move reconfigure your office without having to reconfigure all of the speakers because everything is controllable and changeable from the free-of-charge Privacy Manager software.



70 Volt Sound Masking Systems 

Simple Sound Masking for Smaller Installations

DynasoundPro 70 Volt sound masking systems are better for smaller installations that have uniform acoustical conditions and basic paging requirements. Speakers are “daisy-chained” together into hard wired zones using standard two-conductor audio cable. All speakers in a given zone receive the same audio signal.




SCIF - Sound Masking - Cambridge Sound ManagementSound Masking for  Security

Industry Leading Eavesdropping Protection Systems

DynasoundPro eavesdropping protection sound masking prevents deliberate and intentional attempts to intercept private and confidential conversations. Since 1975, Dynasound has been the leading innovator in the field of audio surveillance countermeasures. These solutions are regularly used to protect corporate intellectual property, mission-critical conversations, and national security. DynasoundPro eavesdropping protection has been used by the United States military, as well as corporations around the world looking to protect their trade secrets from unwanted eavesdroppers.